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RE: ssh port forwarding

> for this example, let's say the ftp server is and the client is
> Instead of modifying /etc/rc.conf, leave it as is (ftpd_flags=NO) and use
> the following line in /etc/inetd.conf (you need inetd running):
> ftp             stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/libexec/ftpd       ftpd
> -llUSP
> make sure there's only one (uncommented) entry for ftp. Unless you have LOTS
> of clients, this is probably preferable to the standalone method.

All this has now been done.

> Then,
> * make sure hosts.allow & hosts.deny are empty (for now)

Yikes! Ok, done.

> * set your MacSSH forwarding to the real IP address =, not

Do you have MacSSH? Where should I do this? There are three places to set
IP addresses:

On the General tab, Host:

On the SSH tab, which looks like this:

Local Port:	Remote Host:	Remote Port:
21		X.X.X.1		21

In Fetch, as Host:

> * set up fetch to connect to the IP address of the Mac connecting to the FTP
> server =, not
> * don't use passive mode, it won't work.

Okay, so we have three variables: 

In MacSSH-

General: Host
-which I'll call "Gen:" below

SSH2: Remote Host
-which I'll call "SSH:"  below

In Fetch:
-which I'll call "Fetch:" below.

In Fetch, and Localhost are acting the same (well, duh) and I'll
also put in the server and client IP's. Server = .1 client = .32

These are all of the combinations of these:

Gen:	SSH:	Fetch:	Errors on client:	Errors on Server:
.1	.32	127	Error: failed to open	sshd:[] error: connect
			tcpip channel		x.x.x.32 port
			exception: refused	21: failed
			by peer.

.1	.32	.32	connection refused	N/A

.32	.1	127	lsh: connection
			refused (errno=61)	N/A

(it's trying to connect to the ftpd on the mac, not forwarding)

.1	.1	127	server response:	ftpd:[900] FTP Login from
			can't build data	epidote as swanberg
			directory: no such	
			file or directory.

(So I  get logged in here successfully across FTP, but I can't see
anything, can't do anything and can't send files. I can navigate the 
directory  structure, though, if I type it in manually).

.1	.1	.32	connection refused	N/A

.1	.32	127.	"Error: failed to open	 
			tcpip channel exception: 
			refused by peer."

I can't think of what I might be missing on the Mac side. Remember, this
works when I do it to an irix or Sun box, with:

.1	.1	127

So I'm fairly convinced it's something to do with ftpd, and how it's set



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