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ssh port forwarding

Has anyone successfully used the default ftpd in 2.8 with MacSSH (or other
free telnet/ssh program for the Mac) to ssh tunnel your fetch (ftp)
session to the OpenBSD server? This is using ssh2.

I posted a fairly lengthy explaination for what I'm trying to do, and how
I've gone about doing it, to misc@openbsd.org on May 22, and haven't
gotten any responses. I would be happy to forward it to anyone here who
hasn't seen it over there.

I am currently trying to get the F-secure client to do it, but haven't had
any luck with that either, but I notice that the F-secure client has sftp,
so if I can't get MacSSH to work, I'll go beg and scrape for the money to
buy the F-secure client for the dept.



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