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pgrep and pkill

I've developed a couple of programs called pgrep and pkill that are
based on the Solaris programs of the same name.  They search for
processes and either list them or send them a signal.

Both pgrep and pkill can match processes not only on their process name
(regex or exact match), but also on ppid, euid, uid, gid, process group,
and controlling terminal.  It can also match only the most recent
process, and/or invert the match.  They do this through use of the kvm
interface, so they're much faster than zap or piping ps through some

I announced these on the misc list a few days ago, and I got some
feedback that I should also let the folks on tech know after I got it a
little more nailed down.

Anyway, please take a look at them.  They're currently on SourceForge at


PS: Many thanks to those of you that responded about my Makefile issues