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why isn't history.h installed?

Hello, the problem is simple: PostgreSQL uses autoconf and it finds
libreadline. Unfortunatelly, because no history.h is installed in
OpenBSD, it does not compile history stuff into psql interactive tool
which is _very_ uncomfortable.

One time I used to tweak PostgreSQL's header files to compile it with
history anyway, but has been pointed that it is not the way it should
be done. I have been thinking the history stuff is defined somewhere
in /usr/include/readline/*.h, but it is not. AFAIK, OpenBSD's readline
is GNU readline which comes with GNU binutils. And there is hsitory.h
in src/gnu/usr.bin/binutils/readline.

What is the reason for history.h being not installed?

> Peter Eisentraut <peter_e@gmx.net> writes:
> > > What edition of readline does OpenBSD supply?
> > 
> > heh, sounds weird, but i can't tell you :-) it seems to be readline
> > which comes with GNU binutils (version 2.9 for OpenBSD 2.8, AFAIK).
> All GNU readline releases and all readline-compatible NetBSD libedit
> releases provide a history.h header.  If OpenBSD wants to create a new
> readline[-compatible] package that does not include a history.h file
> because it declares the history functions in readline.h then that's okay,
> but I need to know that this is the plan and not just an accident.

Thank you.

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