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Re: CVS: cvs.openbsd.org: src

Ya, that PPro200 is *much* faster then even the fastest of the m68k-based

// Brad


>> > The down-side is that people who install the ports collection
>> > but don't update their system very frequently suffer the wasted
>> > processing time.
>> To what does that amount on a slow machine?
>I'm tweaking the patch so that it's disabled by default and is
>enabled via an rc.conf knob.  Although this is very useful for
>frequently updated machines, it's far less useful for machines that
>are only updated at release time.
>I think the process is quite slow on a ``show'' machine, but I'm not
>sure how slow (or what ``slow'' really means :).  The slowest OpenBSD
>box I have is a PPro200 :-/