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Re: CVS: cvs.openbsd.org: src

> Brian Somers <brian@Awfulhak.org> wrote:
> > I'd like to add the following to /etc/weekly.  Does anyone have any 
> > objections ?  The down-side is that people who install the ports 
> > collection but don't update their system very frequently suffer the 
> > wasted processing time.  An alternative might be to maintain a touch 
> > file (/var/db/pkg_version_check ?) and compare it's time against 
> > /usr/ports/INDEX.  If the touch file is older (or doesn't exist), 
> > touch it and do the check.
> > 
> > Comments ?
> Is the INDEX always supposed to be up to date?  Actually often it isn't
> updated for weeks, if not months, and people who regularly update their
> trees will have newer packages installed than these in the INDEX.  What
> if one has updated his/her INDEX locally only?  I think this is
> confusing.

The report ignores when the INDEX has an older version than the one 
that's installed.

I wouldn't imagine that anyone would want to update the INDEX file 
and not be interested in knowing when their ports are out of date - 
after all, it's a once-per-week thing.

Another alternative is to make it switchable.  I did this for the 
periodic scripts in FreeBSD (there's an /etc/periodic.conf), but it 
means a lot of mucking about and may be overkill.

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