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Processes get killed...


   I think I found what could be quite an important bug.  When I run a program,
the kernel goes and kill all the processes, including root-owned ones.  It's
quite scary.  I intend to go into a big debugging ride before sending a good
bug report, so has any of you suggestions of what to try? (I'm running 
OpenBSD/i386 2.8)

 Notes:     1) I can't gdb(1) it, gdb get killed
            2) There are no kernel messages
            3) At least, it's fully reproducible

   So I can either "step" a thousand time until gdb get killed, or ktrace(1) it

  If any of you want to check the code, I'll be happy to send it to you if you
mail me.  I know it's buggy, but I still think the kernel shouldn't do that
:-)  Oh, and it did the same on NetBSD/i386 but not on FreeBSD/i386, if this
can be any help.

       Vincent Labrecque
  limitln@cooptel.qc.ca       http://www.cooptel.qc.ca/~limitln/