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Re: Perl LOG_AUTH & LOG_KERN undefined in Sys::Syslog?

Well, Syslog.pm has an explicit check for LOG_KERN and doesn't allow
it.  This makes sense because, according to syslog(3):

LOG_KERN    Messages generated by the kernel.  These cannot be generat-
	    ed by any user processes.

In any case, LOG_KERN == 0 so it wouldn't do anything even if
Syslog.pm didn't catch it.

Now, I don't see why LOG_AUTH doesn't work.  &LOG_AUTH is certainly
defined by syslog.ph.  I do see that perl 5.6.1 uses XS code instead
of syslog.ph.  Perhaps the other machines you are testing on have
perl 5.6.1?

 - todd