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Perl LOG_AUTH & LOG_KERN undefined in Sys::Syslog?

This happens in Perl on OpenBSD 2.8 patch branch & pre2.9 snapshots
(kernel: GENERIC #653), but not on Solaris 7 or Red Hat 6.2.  The following


    use Sys::Syslog;

    syslog ('info|auth', 'test');
    # or... "syslog ('info|LOG_AUTH', 'test');" instead

results in:

    syslog: invalid level/facility: auth

Similar results obtain with 'kern' or 'LOG_KERN', but not with 'ftp',
'mail', 'local6', etc.

I'm stumped.  Can anyone spot why xlate() in syslog.pl thinks
&syslog'LOG_KERN, &syslog'LOG_AUTH are undefined?  Is it a bug, or a
deliberate omission?