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Re: Compaq hardware (was: i386 mbr problem)

Steve Shockley wrote:
> Windows seems very conservative about setting secondary controllers to
> UltraDMA modes.  I think that's a throwback to problems they had with
> the Intel 430TX chipset with only a slave on the 2nd controller.  I'd
> bet if you told Win98 to force UDMA on the secondary controller it'd
> work just fine.
> I have had problems with certain VIA chipsets (Socket 7) and some WD
> hard drives when in UltraDMA mode, I don't know if I have the same chip
> as you.

Thanks.  I haven't tried to use W98, other than to format these drives 
(over and over) during testing.  I also used DOS window xcopy to backup 
the data from one to the other, which worked just fine.

Niels Provos helped today, and now the primary runs under UltraDMA 
while the secondary has the flags set to 0xffc (PIO4 only).

Glad to know I'm not alone.  Any idea where the code might be fixed to 
properly test for UltraDMA?

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