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Re: Compaq hardware (was: i386 mbr problem)

Constantine Sapuntzakis wrote:
> I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with UltraDMA. UltraDMA is more
> reliable than PIO and

It is definately UltraDMA.  The symptoms are the drive can be read, 
the OBSD fdisk and disklabel report the existing information, but
any write using them trashes the sector (and related nodes).  I also 
created an M$DOS partition, mounted it under OBSD, could read the files 
there, but adding a file caused the directory to be trashed.

The drive on secondary has had no problems when using PIO 4 only.

> should give errors before it trashes anything.
Not enough error checking?

> What's probably happening here is that there is some weird sector
> translation scheme in place that
> works under MSDOS but that OpenBSD doesn't know about.
Nope, these are two identical drives, and each works on primary and 
does not work on secondary.  It always trashes the correct sector.

Any idea where in the code the error checking should be fixed?

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