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Re: OpenSSH's {password,account} expirations

On Mon, May 14, 2001 at 03:20:57PM -0500, Brian Poole wrote:
> My problem is this, OpenSSH does not respect account nor password
> expirations by default (by respect I mean it totally ignores them,
> it doesn't matter if they are set and have expired). Why? 
> [...]
> This entire bit probably applies to rsh/rlogin as well, but I'm not 
> nearly as concerned about it as it isn't on by default nor used by 
> myself.

both openssh and rlogin ignore this, so this suggests
the the operating system does not support this feature
at all.

however, in the future openbsd will move to BSD_AUTH, so
perhaps this feature will be supported on openbsd.