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Re: Ejecting PCMCIA cards

I think it depends on which laptop/which device you are using.

One of my laptops it works perfectly with both a 3com pcmcia and a 33.6K

But on another laptop i had a problem once. I think the problem was that
some thing probed it and the driver wasn't aware that it was gone (so the
system froze).

maybe we need a ctl to shut off pcmcia devices (the drivers) and (then
they can be safely removed)

On Wed, 16 May 2001, Jim Rees wrote:

>   one quick question. What should I do before ejecting PCMCIA ethernet
>   adapter, when I don't want my notebook hanged?
> /sbin/halt
> Other people claim that hot swap works for them but I have never seen
> evidence to support this claim.  I wish it did work, I spend a lot of time
> rebooting so I can swap cards.