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Re: Ejecting PCMCIA cards

On 16.May.2001 "Jim Rees" chittered like a monkey:
>   one quick question. What should I do before ejecting PCMCIA ethernet
>   adapter, when I don't want my notebook hanged?
> /sbin/halt
> Other people claim that hot swap works for them but I have never seen
> evidence to support this claim.  I wish it did work, I spend a lot of time
> rebooting so I can swap cards.

my experience on a Sony Z505JE is that I can plug in and eject either a
CompactFlash->PCMCIA adapter with a CF card in it or a ne(4) based card
(which i generally don't need as my vaio has a built-in fxp(4)).  If I plug
in either unit i make sure of 2 things before ejecting for safty:

(1) the kernel has recognized it with a message to the console and
(2) the CF disk is unmounted or the ne(4) is ifconfig down'd.

Works fine for me, never a hang.


dan weeks - codemonkey

"A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any 
 invention in human history - with the possible exceptions 
 of handguns and tequila." - Mitch Ratliffe