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RE: Compaq hardware (was: i386 mbr problem)

> that the controllers are being setup as UltraDMA by OBSD, but 
> W98 sets up the primary controller as UltraDMA and the 
> secondary controller as "EDMA", while the Compaq diagnostics 
> run the primary as UltraDMA and 
> the secondary as PIO 4 (and M$DOS only knows about PIO 4).

Windows seems very conservative about setting secondary controllers to
UltraDMA modes.  I think that's a throwback to problems they had with
the Intel 430TX chipset with only a slave on the 2nd controller.  I'd
bet if you told Win98 to force UDMA on the secondary controller it'd
work just fine.

I have had problems with certain VIA chipsets (Socket 7) and some WD
hard drives when in UltraDMA mode, I don't know if I have the same chip
as you.