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Re: Weird NIC behaviour

On Fri, May 11, 2001 at 11:03:52PM -0500, NOC wrote:
> What is your route tables? And are u running NAT?

Yes I am running NAT and IPF. This gave me the idea to remove the rules for
this subnet. Things started working again. I looked at the rules and nothing
seemed wrong so I applied them again. It kept working...

Rules are:
map de0 0/0 -> xx.yy.158.9/32

block out on de0 from any to any
pass out on de0 proto tcp from any to xx.yy.158.10/32 port = 80 flags S keep state
pass out on de0 proto icmp from any to xx.yy.158.10/32

Traffic going out on the xx.yy.158.10 (ie TCP) goes through a second
interface. The NAT'ed interface on the Linux box only needs to serve a