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Re: xl0 nic not changing src ip.

bob bobing wrote...
> I'm having a minor problem (can be fixed with a
> reboot)
> If i change the ip of my xl0 nic via ifconfig
> (ifconfig xl0 netmask
> then ifconfig xl0 it shows the correct ip. if i then
> try to ping a remote host the packets leave with the
> old src ip (was

There is a static route from the original IP. 
once you re-ifconfig the interface, do a 
'route delete'
then you should be fine.

If you do a 'netstat -rn|grep your.ip.add.ress' you'll see what I mean.
renumbering the interface leaves that route intact.

$ netstat -rn | grep          UGHS        8   172468  32972   lo0

The reason the reboot fixes it is that the old route
entry over the old IP is no longer there.