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Re: i386 mbr problem, again

On Fri, 4 May 2001, Phil Pennock wrote:

//On 2001-05-03 at 23:09 -0400, Nick Holland gifted us with:
//> It is *possible* that if you do a 'reinit', it might resolve this
//> problem, but unfortunately, that clobbers any other partitions on the
//> disk, so it is an install-time only option.  In any case where I
//> possibly can, I use this command before doing my desired disk layout,
//> and I haven't had a problem like this in quite some time.  Now,
//> drawing a firm connection between my 'reinit's and my lack of problems
//> is improper diagnostic process, but it is suggestive.
//No, sorry.
//I had this problem yesterday with a brand-new Dell Latitude laptop.  It
//had MS Windows 2000 Professional pre-installed.  I chose to utterly nuke
//the partition table, but _not_ go fully-dedicated.  (Aside from anything
//else, want to play with the power-save-to-disk-partition thingy).
//I did a reinit + update + write.  That settled my jangled nerves at
//having Redmond software on this thing.  I then set about creating the
//partitions which I wanted.
//I then had the problems.  Checked the FAQ, but for some reason not
//section 14.  Doh!  Searched mail archives, saw a mail (from you, in
//fact :^) ) and got a colleague who deals with Windows to produce a
//boot-floppy for me.  Used "fdisk /mbr" from that, and things worked.
//>           It DOES have the disadvantage of requiring commercial
//> software to implement, and that is very possibly why it is NOT in the
//> FAQ.  
//Out of vague curiosity, has anyone tried using Caldera DR-DOS and the
//fdisk from that, here?  I went for convenience, and my system now boots,
//so can't really productively test this now.  :^/
//"Science is like sex: sometimes something useful comes out, but that is not
// the reason we are doing it" -- Richard Feynman