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RE: i386 mbr problem, again

I had the bad mbr problem with freebsd, actually. It was on an older IDE
drive. For some reason I could only create partitions starting at the 36th
offset (cylender, or something, I'm not really much of a low level hard-disk
guy =P), The problem went away when I just dedicated the whole raw disk to
freebsd, causing it to start at 0 instead of 36. I don't know if theres any
such equivelant in openbsd, but maybe this helps a little. Maybe my bios's
disk geometry setting was weird though, because once it actually tried to
start at a negative offset and could create partitions too.

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Subject: Re: i386 mbr problem, again

> Try booting a Windows rescue diskette and running
> a:> fdisk /mbr

This fixed my problem.
My apologies for the FAQ.  (Actually I looked and couldnt
find it just now, Where exactly is this item mentioned?)

Does this mean that before OpenBSD can be installed
on a system, there must already be a DOS MBR created
on the drive?  If so, this seems braindead.  Not
everyone installs OpenBSD/x86 over a former windows

Tim N.