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Re: Stumped on the install

And it is also NOT dealt with in the FAQ.  That error message indicates 
that the install of OpenBSD corrupted the MBR, which it does on certain 
machines.  And the solution to it is to use a Windows floppy and run

a:> fdisk /mbr

The FAQ suggests installing LILO, which I really don't think can be done 
unless one also installs the Linux OS underlying that utility.  The Windows 
rescue diskette and their fdisk program are sufficient.

On Thursday 03 May 2001 07:52 pm, Ray Schneider wrote:
> grep the archives of misc and such...this has been discussed in the past.
> I believe it is some sort of bios issue...
> On Thu, May 03, 2001 at 02:40:52PM -0700, jamie noted:
> > Hey gang heres my situation.
> >
> > Dell 1400 with Adaptec AIC-7899 (39160) card and 2 quantum 18 gig
> > drives. 512 megs of ram and a 800P3.
> >
> > I went through the install guide and it went no sweat. After I was done
> > I typed halt (instead of reboot) So I cycled the machine and It doesn't
> > boot. I get a message that says Using Drive: 0 Partition: 3
> >
> > and then it just sits there and never boots. I am stuck!
> >
> > Thanks
> > Jamie