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Re: i386 mbr problem, again

> Try booting a Windows rescue diskette and running
> a:> fdisk /mbr
> Your problem is a FAQ.

I suggest you re-read my original post.

Not only does the work-around given in the FAQ (14.6, using the bsd install
boot floppy to get started) fail to deal with the "bad /etc/boot.conf" problem,
but you'll notice that I got past the problem addressed by the FAQ (drive 0
partition 3) and ran into a 2nd problem that is not (apparently) covered by the
FAQ -- if it is, the FAQ needs to be modified to make this clear.  The fact
that other people are running into the same problem emphasizes this.

I'll confess that I didn't try the lilo approach, partly because the FAQ did
not indicate anything that suggested it would solve my problem and partly
because it was easier to switch to some hardware that supported LBA than it was
to mess with getting lilo installed.  So, I can't claim that lilo does not fix
the problem.