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RE: i386 mbr problem, again

I've just posted this to the wrong list... techies, read on!

i don't know if this is the same problem you're refering to, but i've used the latest snapshot floppy28.fs, snapshot binaries and a 'fresh' disk (ie never had bsd on it before) and it cannot create a bootable system. this is irrespective of the choice of whether to use the whole disk on not, and, as you mentioned, cannot be bypassed by trying to boot from the floppy and from there wd0. assuming this was an corrupt mbr issue, i tried booting various dos utils and disk/formatting from there, then tried again. same problem. then a different hard drive. same problem. this is a crappy old piece of compaq hardware, but i have two others booting happily into OBSD elsewhere.
ps i'm not deliberately cross posting.. I accidentally replied to the wrong group - misc - first...