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proposed cvs change

cvs, as shipped, does not allow user "root" to check things in.  I use
a local CVS repository to keep track of changes to things like named zone
files, mail access db, etc.   These are files owned and maintained by root.
Root should be able to check them into the cvs repository.

I suggest the following change.  Comments?

Index: options.h.in
RCS file: /cvs/src/gnu/usr.bin/cvs/src/options.h.in,v
retrieving revision
diff -u -p -r1.1.1.9 options.h.in
--- options.h.in	1999/02/28 21:32:34
+++ options.h.in	2001/05/02 16:56:48
@@ -135,8 +135,10 @@
  * logged in as "root".  You can disable this option by commenting out
  * the lines below.
+#if 0
 #ifndef CVS_BADROOT
 #define	CVS_BADROOT
 /* Define this to enable the SETXID support.  The way to use this is