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Re: ipnat with ipx?

On Mon, 30 Apr 2001, Frank McKay wrote:

> The problem is, I want to play warcraft on one of my computers that is behind
> the lan. I want to play an ipx game. But I cannot connect to someone who is on
> the first lan.
> I found on the faq, that there is an option to enable IPX in the kernel config
> file. Now i just need to figure out how to use ipnat, to map ipx over to the
> first network. Has anybody had any luck with this? Any help would be
> appreciated.

I think you might want to take a moment and re-evaluate what it is you're
trying to do and the methods you're using to try and get there.  If
you're using IPX/SPX for the game traffic, then IPnat should never come
into the picture unless you plan on tunneling IPX/SPX traffic out over the
internet via IP.  All you should need to do is enable IPX/SPX support in
the kernel (I've never done it, but it's definitely an option), assign IPX
addresses to your OpenBSD box for each NIC using ifconfig, assign IPX 
addresses to the game hosts, add some static IPX routes with the route
command to your OpenBSD box so the traffic can cross the OpenBSD box to
get to the other machines and be done with it.

Messing with IPNat won't get you anywhere close to what you're trying to
do.  IPNat can tunnel IPX into IP, but since both networks segments that
will need to talk IPX/SPX are local, it doesn't make any sense to go
through the hassle of tunneling IPX into IP when you can just run IP
natively on both segments.