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Re: Strange connectivity problems with ipsec+isakmp

Marko Lamminen wrote:
> Lousy ascii picture:
>    (Net-A) --- <Gateway A>[Ext-IP-A] ----- [Ext-IP-B]<Gateway B> --- (Net-B)
>   Phase 2 only has Net-A to Net-B and viseversa connections.
> Short Version:
>    When isakmpd is running and SAs are established, no SSH connection
> between
>    Ext-IP-A and Ext-IP-B. If not running everything works normally.

Yes, stock 2.8 isakmpd is broken and establish "required input flow" between
the two gateways, which essentially prevent any communications between theses

I don't know if the fix is already commited on the CVS stable branch.
Otherwise you can always ask Angelos or Niklas for a fix for this known