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Re: Are your customers thinking of you right now?

Where are the DDOS script kiddies when there's a completely perfect

*ugh* I fucking hate spam :(

"Images Now, Inc." wrote:
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>          Example of  "Biz Pad" image in our "Designer Series"
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>                                 [Image]
> If you are in the computer industry (and we tried very hard to make
> sure you are) you probably know the value of custom printed mousepads.
> BUT, did you know custom printed mousepads.com  makes mousepads for
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>  We'd like to offer you the following  Advertisement Special: 10% free
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>                                Example:
>             "Designer Series" mouse pad 500qty/ $1.69 ea.
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>   Some more price list examples (remember, you'll add 10% free mouse
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> 1. "Designer Series" Mouse Pad  Qty: 250/$2.05 ea. med size  -rock
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> 2. Full Color Custom Printed Mouse Pad Qty: 500/2.60 ea.   Qty:
> 1000/1.95 ea. medium size.
>              Order information at the website.  Click here
> While we target specific businesses we think are interested in
> improving their advertising efforts, some may have received this email
> message in error.  If so, and you'd like to ensure you are removed
> from our list, please reply to info@custom-printed-mousepads.com with
> the word "remove" in the subject.
> Thank you.
> Custom Printed Mousepads.com