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Re: routed(8) & arplookup brain-death on i386-current?

this happened to me, but i got all internal addresses as "unable to enter
address blah blah blah".  The problem was that a solaris box was
broadcasting a route and openbsd was picking it up.  The route is was
broadcasting (this was a while ago, so the details are fuzzy) didn't really
affect the internal ip's so it was strange.  Anyway, as soon as i started
routed on the Solaris box with the "don't send out routes" flag, it all
stopped.  Take a close look at your netstat -rn output.  i mean close, i
missed the damn route after looking at it at least 3 times.  Hope that


----- Original Message -----
From: Adam N. Thompson, MCNE <athompso@commerced.com>
To: <tech@openbsd.org>
Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2000 10:01 PM
Subject: routed(8) & arplookup brain-death on i386-current?

> I'm running i386-current as of Jan. 25 (AFAIK) and have encountered a
> rather distressing problem:
>     routed(8) will not send out routes!
> I'm running a custom kernel, unfortunately, so I'm doing another cvs
> update and re-configure from GENERIC tonight, to see if I can replicate
> the problem with -current as of (now) and GENERIC.
> What I see as syslog output is:
>     Jan 27 09:40:06 hyperion routed[5091]: setsockopt(IP_ADD_MEMBERSHIP
> RIP): Can't assign requested address
> AFAIK, multicast routing support is turned on, and it doesn't make any
> difference whether mrouted is running or not.
> On a related note, arp support seems to have gone haywire as well.
> I'm getting non-stop messages like:
>     Jan 27 09:33:30 hyperion /bsd: arplookup: unable to enter address
> for
> and
>     Jan 27 09:23:49 hyperion /bsd: arplookup: unable to enter address
> for
> ...only for those two addresses, apparently!
> is a Lexmark Optra printer, with only one IP address and
> a correct subnet mask.
> is an HP NetServer running Red Hat Linux 6.1 - one
> ethernet adapter answers to multiple addresses, including:
>,, and
> Any ideas on what's going wrong?  The ARP problems seem to have exactly
> one side-effect: I cannot ping those two addresses from the OpenBSD box
> ... but I can telnet to them!
> The routed problem is a bit more troublesome - I had to reconfigure
> everything to use static routes first thing this morning.
> Thanks for any input...
> -Adam
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