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Re: AltQ

On Thu, 27 Jan 2000, Thierry Deval wrote:

 | Yes Chris, I remember seeing it on the list someday (on Oct 12th 1999), but
 | it is not a real port (in the port tree) yet, as it needs kernel rebuild. (No
 | offense)
 | And indeed, in AltQ 2.1, they support several cards based on stock 2.6 .

I never said that I made it part of /usr/ports

 | Then, I would suggest envisaging the integration of AltQ into the base source
 | (despite Theo's reluctancy to change the network drivers' API), at least the
 | kernel parts.
 | For the userland parts, we'll have to see (on the long run) if we can get rid
 | of an altqd daemon, and try to merge the controls with ipfilter (which, btw, is
 | not IP centric only :)

How is IP Filter not IP centric ?  

Altqd deals with a ruleset that is dissimilar to ipfilter.  It makes no sense
to integrate it with ipf.

Finally, ALTQ does not change the API of any ethernet drivers.  It just adds
code to them.

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