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Re: Disk problems

A dmesg, disklabel and partition table printout would help immensely.


"Trevor R.H. Clarke" <retrev@csh.rit.edu> writes:

> I'm running -current(more or less) on a Pentium III with an IDE hard drive.
> Last night I needed to boot into NT for a bit...when I was done, I started a
> reboot into OBSD and left for the night. Next morning, my screen was blanc an
> the machine was frozen....I did a hard reset and the drive spun like crazy and
> the machine locked(drives still spinning). It's a Dell machine so it has a
> soft-power switch which was also locked up so I had to unplug it. I booted and
> there where a few(expected)errors on the root partition....nothing serious. The
> /usr partition was hosed tho. I fsck'ed it and got TONS of errors....lots of
> DUPs, and bad file entries with random file sizes(a lot MAX_INT...or
> MAX_LONG I guess). I let it run for a while (a few hours)and it got to the
> point where the drive was spinning but there were no more errors
> appearing...the machine was not locked but it was taking forever(the partition
> is only 6 gig or so). I can mount the partition read-only and it seems
> fine(I didn't check every file but with the number of errors that came up I
> figured there would be extensive damage). Didn't try to write because it
> wouldn't let me mount it r/w. I did a low-level disk scan(standard Dell one)and
> it checked out. Any thoughts on what is wrong or how to fix it?
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