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Re: kernel source tarballs for current?

OpenBSD Bob wrote:
> > > www.openbsd.org/anoncvs.html also suggests to use the ksrc-common and
> > > ksrc-sparc modules, which will get you a kernel tree of current only for
> > > sparc.
> OK... I looked at the ctm tree.  For the sake of discussion.....
> IFF I am only wanting a current set of sources, are the ctm base files
> what I am after, rather than a cvs tree, for use on a remote machine,
> not connected to the net?  If my machines were on the net, cvs would
> be the best choice.   But, since I manually need to ferry the sources
> to my home network, via tape or a cd or a laptop, it would seem that
> the ctm tree would be the way to go.  Yes/No?????
> Thanks
> Bob

ctm base files will get you the source as of the last release.  Then you
have to apply the delta files to get to -current.  With cvs, you get
-current in one shot.  ctm might be a good way to track -current. But if
you are only wanting -current for a one time shot, cvs...

It makes no difference, really.  Either way, your going to get the same
thing: A source tree.  Which brings a question to mind:  When you say
cvs tree, do you mean a cvs repository or a set of sources from the cvs
repository?  A local cvs repository is an entirely different matter.  So
what do you want?  A repository or sources?

At work:

% cd /usr
% cvs get ksrc-sparc ksrc-common

This would yeild a sparc specific local source tree, not a cvs

% cd /usr
% cvs get src

Would yeild a complete source tree.

Tar it up, and take it home.

Steve Murphree, Jr.