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Disk problems

I'm running -current(more or less) on a Pentium III with an IDE hard drive.
Last night I needed to boot into NT for a bit...when I was done, I started a
reboot into OBSD and left for the night. Next morning, my screen was blanc an
the machine was frozen....I did a hard reset and the drive spun like crazy and
the machine locked(drives still spinning). It's a Dell machine so it has a
soft-power switch which was also locked up so I had to unplug it. I booted and
there where a few(expected)errors on the root partition....nothing serious. The
/usr partition was hosed tho. I fsck'ed it and got TONS of errors....lots of
DUPs, and bad file entries with random file sizes(a lot MAX_INT...or
MAX_LONG I guess). I let it run for a while (a few hours)and it got to the
point where the drive was spinning but there were no more errors
appearing...the machine was not locked but it was taking forever(the partition
is only 6 gig or so). I can mount the partition read-only and it seems
fine(I didn't check every file but with the number of errors that came up I
figured there would be extensive damage). Didn't try to write because it
wouldn't let me mount it r/w. I did a low-level disk scan(standard Dell one)and
it checked out. Any thoughts on what is wrong or how to fix it?
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