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Re: Firewall performance

I have to stick up for NE2000 and Roadrunner on 2.6 and 2.6-current.  Last
week for kicks we put a 486 with 16megs up to run the NAT and saw no lag
all using cheap ISA NE2k nic.  I did 5 Roadrunner on either isa or pci
NE2K nics including my home p90 and all run fine.  Ironically the 3COM
cards warner gives you dont work with obsd ;-)


On Thu, 20 Jan 2000, Bob Beck wrote:
> 	Replace the NE2000 card going to your cable modem with something
> that isn't an NE2000 card. I've seen horrific performance problems time
> and time again with NE2000 cards and cable modems. Go dig out a 3com card
> or something for it and your problems will almost certainly go away.
>    -Bob