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Re: Keyboard lockups under data switch

On 15 Jan 2000, Slawek Zak wrote:

> I've encountered some strange problem with data switch
> (keyboard/mouse/monitor) with OpenBSD 2.6 on i386. The keyboard just
> locks when I switch to OpenBSD system from other computer. It doesn't
> happen with FreeBSD, DOS or Linux. Does anyone have a "dumb" (non
> processor) data switch working with OpenBSD in this version ?

I've a dumb 4x Manhattan mechanical data switch (low price) 
working with obsd 2.6 and win98

an old Sunshine 101-keys keyboard works fine with the switch at both

a new win keyboard (those with turbo/power/sleep/win and such crap keys)
works well too

a serial 3-buttons genius mouse works fine too

a serial genius 'NetScroll' mouse (the damn little wheel in the middle)
hangs 1 of 3 times at both win and bsd, but if I pull off and on the 
mouse connector, it works fine again

are cheapest keyboard&mouse working better ? :-)