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snapshots and source code levels


I have a quick question for the OpenBSD technical guru's here:  What
tags do I use to check out the source for the snapshot for i386
generated on Jan 10, 2000?   If I upgrade to that snapshot to get some 
now supported hardware working and it appears to be stable enough for
me then I want to compile a custom kernel and such.  If I grab the
source from the cvs server I am at -current. 

Is there no way to generate a src.tar.gz and srcsys.tar.gz like you do 
for -release.  Barring that could a tag like "snapshot-2000-01-10" be
added to the repository once the snapshot builds are done?  

Thanks for your time and I hope we can get something working here.  If 
any assistance is needed in the matter I can help.


dan weeks - propellerhead - http://www.danimal.org

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