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Re: Building XFree86 3.3.6 in -current

On Wed, Jan 12, 2000 at 10:28:30AM -0800, Marco S Hyman wrote:
> Sorry I got the reason you changed the Makefile wrong.
>  > Now, if the Makefile were re-worked so that 'make build' is to do
>  > the same thing as '/usr/src' in that it compiles and attempts to
>  > install to /usr/X11R6, please address the following concern I have
>  > with this approach:
>  > 
>  > 	Files in /var/X11/xdm/ are specifically not updated if they
>  > 	exist.  Thus we need to remove them by default if we are to
>  > 	get a 'real' upgrade during a 'make build'.
> Why?   We don't remove the files in /etc when doing a make build
> in /usr/src.  That step has to be done by hand.  Isn't it the
> same thing?
In that light, yes, it makes sense.  Given an empty $DESTDIR for
the release is the important thing ..

> Yes.  Building contrib and installing the current linkkit are GOOD
> things.   It's one of the reasons I like using "make build".
Linkkit is only for i386 atm, and when 4.0 comes out it's going away.

>  > You can see why I put what is in the Makefile in the Makefile, no?
> Todd, this is really a minor issue which has probably already consumed
> more time than it is worth.  Let me suggest one small change: add this
> comment to the Makefile.
Yes, it's a minor issue, but hey, might as well get it ironed out
entirely.  I'll change the Makefile to have the smae behavior as
the 'make build' and 'make release' targets do in /usr/src .. it'll
save me from manualy installing snapshots on test machines in the
long run anyway .. and have more consistent behavior.  That way
everybody wins.

Todd Fries .. todd@fries.net