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RE: CVS: cvs.openbsd.org: src


I recompiled my kernel to use the newest raidframe, and enabled softdep on one
of my raid partitions.
After thorough testings, I must say it looks rock solid.
Impressive, knowing the problems occuring with the previous rf+softdep

For safety, I'll run rf+softdep on only one partition for some days. But I'm
pretty confident I may use it on the whole disk ;-)

Oh, BTW, I forgot to mention I run all this on a 3 disks UW-SCSI Raid5.

OTOH, I wonder how long is the softdep update queue ?
After having finished a ~180MB dir copy (pax /usr/obj), I could still see drive
activity for 20 sec. And after that, there was still some intermittent update up
to 1 min later...???



On 07-Jan-00 Peter Galbavy wrote:
> CVSROOT:      /cvs
> Module name:  src
> Changes by:   peter@cvs.openbsd.org   2000/01/07 07:50:23
> Modified files:
>       sys/dev/raidframe: rf_acctrace.c rf_alloclist.c rf_archs.h 
>                          rf_copyback.c rf_cpuutil.c rf_cvscan.c 
>                          rf_dagdegrd.c rf_dagdegwr.c rf_dagdegwr.h 
>                          rf_dagffwr.c rf_dagfuncs.c rf_dagutils.c 
>                          rf_debugMem.c rf_debugMem.h rf_decluster.c 
>                          rf_desc.h rf_disks.c rf_driver.c rf_engine.c 
>                          rf_etimer.h rf_evenodd.c 
>                          rf_evenodd_dagfuncs.c rf_general.h rf_kintf.h 
>                          rf_map.c rf_memchunk.c rf_netbsdkintf.c 
>                          rf_openbsdkintf.c rf_optnames.h 
>                          rf_paritylog.c rf_paritylogDiskMgr.c 
>                          rf_paritylogging.c rf_parityscan.c rf_pq.c 
>                          rf_pqdeg.c rf_pqdegdags.c rf_psstatus.c 
>                          rf_raid.h rf_raid1.c rf_raidframe.h 
>                          rf_reconmap.c rf_reconstruct.c rf_revent.c 
>                          rf_states.c rf_threadstuff.c rf_threadstuff.h 
>                          rf_types.h rf_utils.c rf_utils.h 
> Removed files:
>       sys/dev/raidframe: rf_sys.h 
> Log message:
> sync with work by Greg Oster on NetBSD
> Please note: This update has *only* been tested on i386 with IDE
> disks. Could someone with a spare box please make sure all is OK with
> SCSI and maybe other arches ? sparc testing will follow locally.
> * remove rf_sys.h
> * many changes to make it more stable
> * some performance increases
> * All raid threads now get their own kernel process and the calling
> raidctl(8) program will show status progress through a meter.
> * In theory FFS_SOFTUPDATES and RAIDframe will now work together - NOT
> See http://www.cs.usask.ca/staff/oster/raid.html
> This updates include Greg's changes to Jan 4th 2000.
> * some odd behaviour when running raictl -c on an already config'ed
> raid set - problem founf, fix being done
> * progress meter is in raidctl(8) - seperate commit, but could do with
> sync'ing with OpenBSD ftp version

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Date: 08-Jan-00
Time: 06:19:34

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