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Re: mouse problems under X

You wrote (in your message from Tuesday 4)
 > I'm using an Intellimouse(PS/2)under X (OS is more or less -current...newer
 > than 2.6). When I play an mp3 with amp sometime the mouse gets messed up...when
 > I move it, the pointer moves to the top right of the screen and gets stuck. It
 > usually happens when I'm moving the mouse when amp starts playing an mp3. If I
 > hit the mouse buttons a lot and move the mouse around it sometimes fixes it. I
 > can always fix it by switching to another virtual console then back to the VC
 > running X. Any idea what this could be?

It looks like some bytes are lost between the pms driver and the X

This is probably an interrupt problem between the pms driver and the
soundcard driver. The 'raw' protocol of the PS/2 driver used by
XFree86 as no provision for resyncing the input in the case some bytes
are lost.

Which sound card are you using ? I'm playing mp3s on a Ensoniq
AudioPCI 97 (eap driver) without problems with my PS/2 mice. 

Check that you're not accidentally using IRQ 12 for your sound card.