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Re: ipnat/ipf and redirect still not working

Wim Vandeputte wrote:
> > rdr xl1 port 110 -> port 110 tcp
> > map xl1 -> portmap tcp/udp 15001:19000
> >         inet netmask 0xffff0000 broadcast
> >         inet netmask 0xffffffff broadcast
> You got a weird setup. Why are you using 'internally' addresses like
> 180.*.*.*? You are not mixing up with any of the non-routalbe addresses
> like 192.168.*.*?

Heh. Because the morons in Tech Services and my predecessor thought it was
not in use on the net, therefore okay to put 300 machines on that subnet
inside the building. A never-ending headache to me.

> 		  The xl1 should have the IP address of the IP you are
> trying to map. I don't see in the xl1 ifconfig! How is that
> device supposed to pick up the packets than :-) ?
> I'm not sure what kind of setup you are trying to do. Maybe you want to
> do bridging then? man brconfig

I have discovered a bridge is nt going to work. It stops the ret of hte
network from being able to get out via IPNAT, which has been fully

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