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Re: www/php port


On Sat, Aug 21, 1999 at 02:06:46AM +1000, David Leonard wrote:

> well, because our in-tree httpd doesn't do DSO, you currently don't get a php
> apache module. instead you get a cgi program in /usr/local/bin. So its
> not that integrated (yet). but it could be in the future.

What hinders us in enabling DSO for all archs that support shared
libraries / dlopen()? On i386 at least, Apache with mod_so works,
as I wanted to use my OpenBSD/i386 box at work for developing a small
dynamically loaded Apache module.

> plus i think that people who have heard of php will think 'web' and look for
> it in www, rather than think 'language' and look in lang.

Perhaps you're right. So the port could live in www/ and have

> [...]

Regards, Hannah.