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lang/icon/Makefile problems

lang/icon/Makefile is broken, and it breaks things like:
# cd /usr/ports && make clean

I submited a pr but I guess no one has noticed yet, so I'm sending this
message out just incase my pr was missed.

Here is the errors it shows.

<tcole@marx %> sudo make                                   /usr/ports/lang/icon
"Makefile", line 3: Unassociated shell command "SUBDIR += interp"
"Makefile", line 4: Unassociated shell command "SUBDIR += lib"
Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue

To fix it just edit lang/icon/Makefile and change:

	SUBDIR += interp
	SUBDIR += lib


SUBDIR += interp
SUBDIR += lib

Or something to that effect.  The first example has tabs which anger
make and cause things to not work.

Tested with ports updated 10 mins ago on OpenBSD  2.5-CURRENT x86 as of today, 
and 2.5-RELEASE sparc.



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