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Leafnode 1.9.2

The CVS port of Leafnode which was download on the 16th of August has a
slight configuration problem.   Which can actually be easily fixed if
you take the time to look at the makefile.  It seems that the
--localstatedir=DIR is slightly off.   The makefile uses /var/ but to
get it working you would have to move it to /var/run/.

Else leafnode will not be able to create the lockfile.  Which means that
more then one copy of leafnode can run at the same time.  You can fix it
later if you forget to change --localstatedir=DIR by creating a folder
called /var/news with ownership of news.news.   

OpenBSD hyperion 2.5 GENERIC#243 i386
OpenBSD 2.5 i386 Port

This should be enough?  If you need more information reply to that

					Martin Foster