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Re: Ports for MIPS

No, I believe the Deskstation Tyne 2.3 (1994) is R4600. Atleast when I
tried to get the linux-mipsel port working in parallel to the linux-mips
port all the documentation pointed to this, and it is what other
developers mentioned.

I have determined our two systems (A Raptor Plus - DeskStation Tyne Inc.
product) to be the following:
  DeskStation Tyne 2.3 MB - 1994
  33 / 133 Mhz - R4600 MIPS
  ARC Bios - 1993
  little Endian Architecture
    (SGI and such (i.e. Magnum) are big endian
     - mips and mipsel require different ports)

I am considering (down the road) porting a database like MySQL.
Has anyone made any efforts to port MySQL to OpenBSD at all?
I too am interested in upgrading to OpenBSD 2.5 system kernel, but I
believe I need to upgrade my development tools.  I am willing to work
together with anyone in a similar situation.


On Thu, 15 Apr 1999, Prasad Nuli wrote:

> I think Tyne has R4400 not R4600. Is it R4600 or R4400 in your box ?
> Prasad Nuli

ALSO On Thu, 15 Apr 1999, Prasad Nuli wrote:

> Russ
>     I have some ARC machines that are made by NEC but built by Acer.
> ARC/PICA bus which is a MIPS based processor. I am using build 2.3 now. It
> is very close to your box with some minor differences.
>      I am planning on upgrading the build to 2.4 or 2.5. It is some thing
> may be we all can look into.
>     Right now I am focusing more on getting more ports/applications working
> for the machine. Are you looking into bringing any of the applications to
> the box ?
>     I think mips boxes can use more applications to start with. I am
> starting to do some research on these issues. If I have any info I'll share
> with you. If you have any thing new keep us all posted, so we can be on a
> common path.
> Prasad Nuli
> >
> >> If you are serious about it, it's probably time to try & upgrade this
> port
> >> to current :)   Ports that get discontinued become so because no one is
> >> willing to spend the time to keep up with the Jones (or because nobody
> has
> >> the necessary combination of hardware + skills).
> >
> >So what would someone like me who does have the hardware + skills be
> >needed to do in order to have an adequate ARC-OpenBSD port be available?
> >
> >I know that working on the Linux port requires keeping include files
> >current with the architecture and what not. Is this similar, or does
> >OpenBSD not change that drastic to require this.
> >I have not made the decision to pick up the linux-mipsel port because the
> >stale state it was left in. I'm not that great a low-end OS developer.
> >

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