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Where can I find info on similarities and diffs between freebsd
and openbsd. Looks like there is lot of ports that is available under fbsd
that we can use under obsd. I have looked at some of the docs on the on the
obds web
site. It explains some, but does not explain about the changes needed for
the make files and other things to get a smooth complie.
   1. Is there any template project that is converted that we can use as a
guide to the porting between fbsd and obsd. If we have some thing like this
it will be very easy for people trying learn how to do the ports.
   2.  What is a good place to look at the tech. similarities and diff's
between netbsd, obsd, freebsd ? More of low level and design issues for the
appliations developers to keep in mind.
    2. I am looking to compile some of the ports under i386-obsd to
mips-obsd, especially to arc. Is there any template or guide on how
accomplish the task. I have tried compiling some packages, I did not quite
understand the process.  I like to port some of the appliations that are
available i386-obsd to arc-obsd apps such as ghostview and other packages
    3. how do we make sure that obsd is in a multiuser mode ?. Everytime i
try to login to system through telnet it rejects the log in. Where should I
look into that problem ?    If any of you can help and guide me I would
apprecaite it greatly.

Prasad Nuli
pnuli@mediaone.net or pnuli@yahoo.com