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Is the cfsd port usable ? 
I use the CVS ports.

I get these errors ( and a lot more with make -k )
gcc -O2 -DPROTOTYPES=1 -DBSD44 -DANYPORT -DSHORTLINKS -I/usr/mab/rsaref/source  -c cfs_adm.c
cfs_adm.c: In function `admproc_null_2':
cfs_adm.c:40: number of arguments doesn't match prototype
admproto.h:224: prototype declaration
cfs_adm.c: In function `admproc_attach_2':
cfs_adm.c:47: argument `rp' doesn't match prototype
admproto.h:227: prototype declaration
cfs_adm.c: In function `admproc_detach_2':
cfs_adm.c:160: argument `rp' doesn't match prototype
admproto.h:230: prototype declaration
*** Error code 1

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