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Re: problesm with emulators/redhat/motif

From:           	Nikolay Sturm <sturm@sec.informatik.tu-darmstadt.de>
> * Cory C. Albrecht [2003-10-31]:
> > Has anybody had problems with the make install of
> > emulators/redhat/motif?

> How did you manage to install redhat/base without noticing to enable
> linux emulation via sysctl?

Because on 7 Oct when I cvs'ed src/sys to rebuild my kernel and src/etc 
to check for new settings, in the new etc/sysct.conf, the kern.emul.* 
switches are not listed. And since I had COMPAT_LINUX in my config 
files for building my kernel, and had installed the redhat stuff 
successfully several times before, I didn't look at compat_linux.

However, that ain't the problem any more. Like I said, I fixed it and 
installed redhat/base successfully. The question is why is redhat/motif 
STILL crapping out? One would expect that if I have kern.emul.linux=1 
and everything else necessary to successfully install redhat/base that 
redhat/motif should also install OK.

For something as important as linux emulation (and freebsd & aout, 
too), shouldn't the kern.emul.* settings have been put in the 
etc/sysctl.conf one gets via cvs? I know that kern.emul.* is mentioned 
on the daily changelog page, but it is buried way down the list (it 
would be more helpful if those entries were dated) so how would I know 
about those new sysctl settings since I usually only get the kernel 
Cory C. Albrecht
There ain't no devil, there's just God when he's drunk.