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Re: various ports in -stable fail to download

On Thu, Feb 27, 2003 at 03:17:42PM -0800, Gary Buckmaster wrote:
...oops -- forgot to CC ports@...

> ... (ftp://ftp.dit.upm/es/) in this case is reached, the build process
> hangs ...

This appears to be an intermittent problem with the server
(ftp.dit.upm.es?).  I reported it via sendbug, but it came back up
right after that (after being down for at least two days).  Hopefully
they will fix it for good this time ;D.

The hung build process can be ``fixed'' on the fly like this:

ps -auxw | grep ftp
... and then kill the appropriate ftp process.  The build process
will continue with the next download site (if any).