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Re: RFC#8 - bzip2

On Wednesday 26 February 2003 11:21 pm, Gerardo Santana Gomez Garrido wrote:
> > 	And at what performance cost?  I don't have all day to install a
> > machine.
> >
> > 	And if you really want it, it is in ports, or available as a package.
> >
> > Disk is cheap.  And distfiles can (and should, for large enough sites) be
> > mirrored locally.
> Bandwidth is not cheap. I wonder if the performance penalty is really SO
> big.
	Well, this discussion is largely moot as bzip2 won't fit on floppy??.fs at 
the moment.

Besides, if it's the core distribution and ports that you're talking about, 
you should be buying CD-ROMs anyway.  <grin>

I'm ducking out at this point, as I've got nothing left to add, and IMHO, this 
thread is dead.

Joseph C. Bender
jcbender (at) benderhome dot net