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Re: editors/xemacs21 update ?

Jean-Yves Burlett wrote (in a message from Tuesday 25)
 > Hi all
 > As it could potentially unbreak xemacs21 on sparc64 and alpha
   (could not test  
 > as I have not access to such hardware), I post an update to
 > I suppose it won't go in before freeze but, anyway, if someone have
   some spare  
 > time to test it on sparc64 or alpha, i'd be glad to hear reports.

Works on alpha here, which is great for me. I'm going to try it on
sparc64 too soon.

It has some bugs, but not OpenBSD related (the minibufer is 1.5 line
high and has the lower half duplicated, with some fonts, but that also
happens on Mac OS X.