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NEW: cyrus-imapd-2.1.12

PORT: mail/cyrus-imapd

LOCATION: attached

   Port of most current release of cyrus-imapd for OpenBSD, an imap
server designed for large sites or sealed systems without end-user

   This version is against OPENBSD_3_2 (so I have a stable base to
target), however it will be updated to -current once I get some
feedback on it.  I am mainly looking for feedback on post-install
issues, how to deal with the config and mail spool data on
removal, and how I dealt with possible name collisions (master ->
cyrus-master, and how the patch was done).  Of course I am open
to all feedback.

If you use the default configuration files included with the port
and run the cyrus-setup program, when you remove the port you
will be left with the following files:
	/usr/share/sendmail/mailer/cyrusv2.m4 (not needed on -current)

I also have a patch to cyrus-sasl2 which enables shared gssapi
support, but I can't find a decent tutorial on how to setup
Heimdal KerberosV (there are plenty of docs on setting up IV).