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Re: update to php-4.3.0

On Sun, Feb 16, 2003 at 09:59:07PM -0500, Chavous P. Camp wrote:
> Then, I have to go clean out the .orig files in the patches/ directories
> else stuff bombs.

What bombs?  They should just be ignored.

> Then I have to clean out the empty patch files that have been deleted.
> (Sidenote - Is there any way to get patch to do this for me?  Or should
> I be using something other than patch -p0 < patch_file from within
> /usr/ports/www/php4)

patch -E

> I've attached config.log and the output from make, but this little
> tidbit from config.log seems to be pertinent:
> ld: -lgssapi_krb5: no match

You've screwed up the patch somehow; 
extensions/patches/patch-ext_imap_config_m4 specifically fixes this ...